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Current News & Events

‚óč 12-14. July: Re-Born Yourself Retreat at Meeuwenveen Netherlands (sold out, waiting list)
‚óč 16-18. August: Re-Born Yourself at New Eden Retreat Center | psychedelic & mind-expanding retreat with plant medicine Netherlands (registration possible)

‚óč June, 21st | 7-10pm | Amsterdam: Summer Solstice Cacao Ceremony, free dance and sound healing | 33‚ā¨ 

Let’s come together on the longest day of the year and open ourselves to the subtle sensations that guide us back into the depth of our own being.

It’s a space that allows us to remember our unity and invites us to be raw, real and gentle with ourselves and each other.

Mama Cacao reconnects us with our hearts and the spirit world. We create a safe space of presence, love, non-judgment and compassion where you can let go, unfold, heal and connect.

~ Together we rise ~

You're perfectly right here, if you're on your journey of personal growth, healing, transformation and self-realization.
MoreYou offers you unique group events and workshops, such as cacao ceremonies, psychedelic and mind-expanding retreats and women circles. 
We take you to a transformation to MoreYou, your highest self on all level.

"The moment we open up for new things, we invite change into our lifes. We allow ourselves to work on our past and let go of trauma. We allow ourselves to grow and draw new life energy, joy, faith and confidence. 
I invite you, to start now and make to next step. 
To create a life you're looking forward to EVERY SINGLE DAY you wake up."
Mariya - MoreYou Academy

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